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WDMC Unix Migrator
Overview Features
The Windows Data Management Client (WDMC) works seamlessly with Sun Microsystems’ SAM-FS File system to provide Archive capabilities to Windows Servers. The WDMC is a policy-driven engine that copies data into SAM-FS, releases the data leaving a stub that looks like the real file, and then automatically restores it to disk when a user or application accesses it – without any user intervention.

The WDMC also provides the ability to backup and almost instantaneously RESTORE Windows Servers, Laptops and Remote Office machines. The client encrypts and compresses data, making it possible to back up laptops and remote offices over the Internet without a VPN connection. The Fast Restore feature allows users to immediately create a snapshot of the file system using stub files, and then restage data in the background. Files that a user accesses are immediately staged so users don’t have to wait for the entire server to be restored to get the data they need!
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