SAM 5.0 is released. Click here for New Features.

Archiving User Home Directories, a Technical Whitepaper. Click Here.

LAWA Uses SAM-FS for Archiving PELCO Video Surveillance Data.

Archive Data Into SAM-FS, Release Data Based on Age, Usage, Size, and/or File Type, Automatically
Restage Data When A User Access A File with the Windows Data Management Client. Click for Details.

Laptop & Remote Office Backup
Provide a Continuous Rolling Backup of Windows Laptops, Remote Office Servers
  • Data is Compressed and Encrypted Over the Wire Eliminating the Need for VPN
  • Users Can Control Backup and Restore OR Administrators Can Setup Backup and Restore Policies
  • Utilizes Existing SAM-FS Infrastructure or EDSI's Archiving Appliance
Provide SAM Replication or Unix Migration and Archiving with the Unix Migrator. The Unix Migrator Replicates Data Between Two Unix Systems and Optionally Archives Data When One of the Systems is SAM-FS.

  • Coompression & Encryption During Transfer
  • Multiple-Threads for High Performance
  • Ability to Send Block-Level Changes Only
  • MD5 Checksum for Integrity
  • Reverse-Sync / Purge Capabilities
  • Archive Files Based on Size, Last Accessed Time, File Type
  • Include / Exclude Files Based on Size, Last Accessed Time, File Type
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